Web Design & Development Services

01  Web Design

Third Perspective knows that customers who visit your website will judge the credibility of your whole business in the first couple seconds. Projecting a clean, useable and aesthetically appealing website is paramount to success. We always spend due time creating custom designs to achieve this goal and to present the type of look and feel that reflects who you or your business are. Additionally, we never start from templates because we know you are unique.

Design Work Flow

Creating a web design is part creativity and part feedback. In this fashion we let you guide our creativity through a back and forth design approval process. This way you're sure to arrive at a design you love.

02  Logos + Brand Identity

Starting a new business? Designing a logo and brand identity should be priority number one. A logo and brand defines your business. Third Perspective can walk you through creating a logo that will entice your clients. We've designed logos from young to mature, luxury to accessible, subtle to complex.

03  User Interface Design

User interface design is an often overlooked and understated science behind web design. The goal of user interface design is to make the user's interaction as simple and efficient as possible. Third Perspective identifies website user goals and tries to balance functionality with visual elements that allow users to easily navigate and manage workflows. When this is done effectively, your website will be able to accompany users from novice to expert with the same efficiency.